Networked Learning Project: Final Update

Weeks ago I was asked to pick something I have always wanted to learn and challenged to learn it using only YouTube videos and help forums. Well… I did it! I made a wood wall art piece for my new home and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Here is a video of my journey in networked learning:

Since starting this project a few weeks ago, I have turned to YouTube for help in learning numerous other things as well. For example, even to make the video for this final post, I watched a video tutorial to learn how to use the Windows Movie Maker program . When I couldn’t figure out how to fold my daughter’s portable play yard last weekend, I found a video within seconds to help me. The power of networked learning is so immense, there are videos on virtually anything that you want to learn how to do. I liked that with networked learning you can pick and choose which resources you want to use. If you don’t like the style of one YouTube video, you can go on to the next. Not only will I continue to use networked learning myself, but I will encourage my students to use networked learning also for help in their content area classes, as well as learn other things they are interested outside of school. For example, I can see my resource room students searching YouTube videos to help them convert numbers to scientific notation. I also have a student who is interested in drawing Japanese anime. I bet he could find some really good videos on YouTube to take his skills to the next level. Being able to pause, repeat, fast forward, and bookmark videos and help forums for later use makes networked learning suitable for learners at any level!


One thought on “Networked Learning Project: Final Update

  1. Missy McCarthy says:

    i sometimes think that our students are already ahead of the game when it comes to networked learning. Many of them probably already use YT videos for learning about their interests. I often question how we can get them to use it for the things that they “have” to learn and not just what they “want” to learn. Nice post.

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