Getting Things Done with Wunderlist!

This week in CEP810 we explored David Allen’s approach to managing workflow called Getting Things Done (GTD).  As a new(ish) mom who works full time, and takes masters classes online, I have quite a bit to manage in my life. I am to-do list lover. For years I would keep a large (5”x8”) sticky note to-do list affixed to the top of my day planner, and it traveled with me everywhere I went. Last year I took the plunge and went digital with my calendar. It took a lot of getting used and I no longer had my day planner to attach my to-do list to. I kept my paper and pencil to do-list for a while, then switched to making a to-do list “note” on my iPhone. It worked for a while, but I missed the act of crossing off items on my to-do list like I could with a paper list. AND THEN  my iPhone decided to go swimming in the pool last week…and I lost everything that wasn’t connected to my iCloud… including my to-do list “notes”.

Before the start of the new school year, it is the perfect time to find a new productivity tool to help manage my to-do lists. I am looking for something that is always with me (my iPhone), since I don’t carry my iPhone at school it also needs to be shared with my other devices (iPad and computer), it should be connected to an iCould (so I don’t lose my lists again), and I would like to be able to prioritize and cross off items. Wunderlist is a task management app that fits all of these criteria! In the spirit of networked learning, I decided to search for a YouTube video about Wunderlist. Here is the video that sold me on downloading and getting started with Wunderlist. (If embedded video does not work, use this link)

I have already started creating my lists with Wunderlist and I have categories for work, personal, and grocery shopping. Since I will be mostly using Wunderlist on my iPhone, I watched this YouTube tutorial about the Wunderlist iPhone app. (If embedded video does not work, use this link). 

I like that I can rearrange the order of actual lists because for the summer I would like my personal to-do list on top, followed by my work to-do list. When school starts, my work to-do list will be on top because I will be working from that list more frequently.  For my grocery shopping list, I used the rearrange feature to organize items by the isles they are located in my grocery store.  I am looking forward to crossing off items from Wunderlist as I do my grocery shopping!

I am convinced that Wunderlist will take my to-do lists to a new level, and take some stress out of getting things done! If you use Wunderlist and have some tips and tricks, I would love for you to share them with me!



One thought on “Getting Things Done with Wunderlist!

  1. Ben Rimes says:

    Sorry again that your phone went for a swim. I actually use the Notes app as well for my “to-do” list, but have it synced through iCloud to be able to work on it through the web or my Mac as well. I’ve often wondered whether wunderlist might be a suitable replacement just for the ability to “cross off” an item, but I find myself hesitant; often I wish I could go back to the old spiral notebook and pencil 🙂

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