My Professional Learning Network

This week in CEP 810, I was asked to think about my Professional Learning Network (PLN) and create a visual organization of my PLN using Popplet. My popplet is below (click to view larger). It is eye-opening to see all of the different people and resources I have access to! I rely on these resources daily in my profession as I strive to be a better teacher. I am lucky to work in a supportive school district that puts a high value on professional learning communities. I would not be the teacher I am today without these supports!
BH s Professional Learning Network


One thought on “My Professional Learning Network

  1. Ben Rimes says:

    I like that you took your network down to some tertiary layers through your school district and social media. I would be curious to see a revised version of this network, with connections between the various resources cutting across the boundaries you’ve setup between the Internet, Schools, and the Library. You seem to have quite the extensive network within your district, and it would be interesting to know what type of collaborative efforts come out of that group.

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